Whether you are funding this business from your own assets or asking a bank/investor for a loan,you will need a detailed business plan and financial estimate or proforma.

We can provide you with the professional templates to do this yourself, or we can work with you to customize a full set of financial estimates and narrative business plan that is suitable for presentation to any level of investor group or bank.

A good business plan describing your intent and a well-tested set of financial estimates will provide a route-map and set you up for success.

We will provide you with a detailed document which accurately describes the business idea in a compelling way. It will include the following:

  • why the business concept is unique
  • why the demographic profile is a good match
  • who will own the business
  • who will manage the business
  • why they are qualified to manage it
  • why the business concept meets a consumer need
  • why the location is suitable for the concept
  • why the business will be successful
  • research and reports that support the concept
  • unique menus that you intend serving

Sample 3-Year Financial Summary

Whether you are approaching a bank or whether you are approaching investors, you will need to have a detailed financial projection for your business that stands up to rigorous inspection and is also well laid out so that the reader can easily understand how it describes the economic feasibility of your plan.

We will provide you with a very detailed estimate for the financial performance of the business over the first five years and it will include the following:

  • 5 Year Income Statement
  • 5 Year Cash Flow Statement
  • 5 Year Balance Sheet
  • Revenue Builder & Growth Forecast
  • Capital Expenditure Budget
  • Breakeven Calculation

It can be adapted according to your needs where, for instance, you are considering a Limited Partnership Investment and want to illustrate dividends or profit-sharing for investors.