Opening a new restaurant, bar or pub requires a mountain of detailed, time-constrained tasks and, while it can call for creativity and be a very exciting experience. it's not simple and can seriously hamper you chance of success if you get it wrong. If you have project management experience, you will feel comfortable working through the pre-opening, but if you do not, this is a job that you may want to ask our company to assist.

We will liaise with your design/build and general contractor to ensure that the operational aspects of the development happen at exactly the right time and in exactly the right sequence. Opening on time, on budget and as envisioned is one of the major keys to your success, leaving you fresh to manage the business from day one.

There are hundreds of tasks needed for the operation to be ready for opening. These include sourcing of uniforms, plateware, flatware, glassware, table-top items, table linen, menu development, beverage selection, website development, recruitment, training, contract cleaning, chemical use, food vendor selection, compliance with statutory requirements, printing, advertising, entertainment...the list goes on and on and everything needs to have a timeline or you will miss the opening date and lose money. We create a detailed plan where every one of these tasks is captured and then we manage the execution of each task at the right time.

During the course of the project, we will carry out regular process checks to ensure that everything is happening on time and as envisioned.

These take the form of meetings or conference calls involving every lead contractor or vendor on the project. The agenda is designed to establish where the project is in the development timeline and to ensure that it remains on course.

This process gives great confidence to the client that the project is developing as envisioned and within budget.